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Calculating substitution parameters

CMW Platform has a system substitution functionality available by default to system administrators. This functionality allows you to appoint deputies for the period of absence of a certain employee, indicating the delegated roles. Deputies can complete tasks for an absent employee during the replacement period and perform other actions based on the … Read More

Calculating the Display Value of an Object Associated with a Task

In CMW Platform one can calculate the system task table in a separate record template in order to display more task parameters and set up more convenient grouping (for example, by related object). At the same time, each of the attribute/parameters must be created in such a record template, and in each of them a calculated expression in the N3 langu … Read More

Calculating child records of all levels of the tree structure

In CMW Platform it is possible to create mutual links both between record templates and within a single record template, for example, to build a tree structure (works, departments, etc.). This article is applicable in the case of implementing a tree structure of relationships and provides an example of an expression for obtaining all child records … Read More

Converting discussion into text

In order to convert all the comments in the discussions tab of an item to a separate text field (for instance, to use for export), enter the following expression:   @prefix cmw: <>. @prefix comment: <>. @prefix sort: < … Read More

Auto numbering

In order to pre-populate a certain field with the count of all IDs in the current app +1, thus, getting a unique consecutive number for an item (invoice no, request #, etc.), enter the following expression: @prefix cmw: <>.@prefix cmwmath: <>.@prefix math: <http://ww … Read More

Converting attachments into text

In order to convert attachments into text attribute (for example, to get the list of names of these attachments, or to have clickable links to them), enter the following expression: Attachments from current item only (subtasks attachments not included): Link: @prefix cmw: <>.@prefix xsd: <http://www.w3.or … Read More

Calculating next recurrence date

In order to calculate next recurrence date for a certain item, enter the following expression: Date format: @prefix cmw: <>.@prefix str: <>.@prefix schedule: <>.{  ?item cmw:schedule ?scheduleId.  ?scheduleId schedule:las … Read More