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About and Extras

Here you can download: Comindware for Outlook that allows working with Comindware from native Microsoft Outlook interface Comindware app for iPhone Comindware app for Android. Comindware apps for iPAD and Android tablet are coming soon. Find Comindware product version you are using right now in the top left corner. Downloads " Read More


Notifications help you stay up-to-date. In case you don’t want to get a lot of notifications, you can subscribe to daily summary email. Please note that properly configured E-mail Server is required for notifications to work. Email notifications Read More


This is your personal profile that can be seen by other people. Keeping information actual will help other people find you easily. Skills indicate what qualifications you have. Project Managers can be looking for project members based on this info. Learn more about skill management. Add day-off to indicate that you won’t be available during p... Read More