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This is your personal Activity – stream of updates. In the Activity you see updates of all the tasks, documents, discussions, you are following. To avoid getting updates on the particular task or other item from showing up in Activity, just unfollow it by click “Unfollow” in the dropdown menu. Start a discussion on any topic you want instead of sen... Read More


Here you can approve Timesheets submitted to you for approval. Rejecting a Timesheet sends it back to the person who submitted it. Persons who are reviewing Timesheets as well as submission period are defined in Timesheet Profiles. Read More


Here you see documents you have access to. These can be documents you’ve uploaded or documents from the Project / Room you are the member of (see also Project documents and Room documents). Uploading new versions and changing document name and description is available only for the person who uploaded the document. Add followers to the documen... Read More


These are Tasks assigned to you. In case the task is late already or is going to be late based on current estimations, it will be marked red. The order of tasks that defines their relative priority is your personal preference. It doesn’t affect project planning. To learn more about what affects project plan, read about Automated Priority Base... Read More


Submitting a Timesheet is a formal way to indicate how much time you’ve spent on different tasks. Use general categories such as “vacation” to indicate that you’ve spent time on something besides actual tasks. Click “Submit” button to send a Timesheet to the person who will be reviewing your Timesheet as it is defined in Timesheet Profi... Read More