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Workload Management

Use Workload to:

  • Identify resource conflicts and resolve such conflicts using resource allocation
  • Monitor team load
  • Find available resources.

Resource conflict happens when tasks in different projects have been assigned to the same person and scheduled for the same time. Resource conflicts can’t happen within one project thanks to automated priority based planning mechanism, so resource conflict is a multi-project phenomenon.

Resolving resource conflicts:

  • To resolve a resource conflict, allocate particular resource to a particular project by clicking in time slots
  • “Forecast” shows how all the projects are affected by such resource allocation
  • Once the resource is allocated, it becomes unavailable for other projects.

Use resource pools to manage large number of people. Learn more how to set-up Resource Pools.

Resource Pools


  • Blue - the resource is busy working on a project
  • Red - the resource is assigned to more than one project and is overloaded
  • Gray - weekends or planned vacation time
  • Diagonal lines - the resource is allocated to a project and unavailable for other projects
  • No highlighting - available for scheduling.