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Timesheets are used to track time spent on different tasks and projects. This information can then be used for billing/invoicing purposes.

There are four areas related to Timesheets:

1. Timesheet submission

2. Timesheet approval

3. Timesheet reporting

4. Timesheet profiles set-up

How to submit a timesheet:

  • Go to My Work > Timesheets
  • Open a timesheet
  • Check if all your time records are there
  • Click Submit


How to approve a timesheet:

  • Go to My Work > Approvals
  • Open a timesheet
  • If the time records are correct, click Accept. If not - Reject

How to set up timesheets:

  • Go to Settings > Timesheets
  • Create a Timesheet profile
  • Add people whose timesheets will use these settings


Learn more about Timesheet reporting.