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Automated Priority Based Planning

CMW Project provides an automated priority-based planning solution that schedules projects for you, based on task priorities and resource assignments. Whenever you make changes, the whole plan is rescheduled automatically, and you immediately see all effects of the changes. This saves managers a great deal of time on project planning compared to manual scheduling.


  • When you create tasks and assign resources, the tasks are scheduled automatically on the Gantt chart. The schedule depends on when the assigned resources are available and on whether the project has a deadline.
  • If you assign several tasks to the same resource, they are automatically planned sequentially, depending on their priority and the resource workload.
  • If you reassign tasks to another person, they are rescheduled automatically.
  • To set task priority, just drag and drop tasks up or down the list. Tasks with higher priority are automatically scheduled first.
  • Your resources probably participate in other projects. Monitor their workload. If they happen to be overloaded, allocate them only to your project or reassign some of their tasks to others.