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Comindware for Outlook

With CMW Project, you can manage all of your project tasks, timesheets and view your Activity stream right within the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook, thus saving time on switching between different applications. This can be done using the Outlook add-in shipped with CMW Project which is called Comindware for Outlook.

With Comindware for Outlook you’ll get all the functionality of the “My Work” area, right within your Outlook interface: the list of all your tasks, your active timesheets waiting to be filled out, your whole Activity stream with all events and discussions you take part in, as well as the list of your documents. You will also have the access to the People directory, making it easy to find your colleagues and communicate with them.

Keep in mind that certain manager tools such as project dashboard, Gantt Chart, Org Chart, reports, workload monitoring, resource pools and other general account settings are not available in Comindware for Outlook. You will need to open CMW Project in your web browser to use them.

You can download the add-in right from your CMW Project instance. Just click on the “Outlook” link on the “Getting Started” page and the download will start automatically:

Guide for Comindware

If you cannot find the “Getting Started” page on your navigation panel, it must have been made hidden. Click on your profile image in the top right corner of the window and select “About and Extras” menu. Here you can always get Comindware for Outlook as well as an app for your mobile device:

About and Extras

Launch the installation package after it’s downloaded to your machine. It’s recommended that you use the default installation path, however you can select a different location if necessary. Keep in mind that after installation you’ll need to restart your Outlook for the installation to take effect.

Comindware for Outlook will work with MS Outlook 2007 and above

Restart Microsoft Outlook

After Microsoft Outlook restarts itself, you will find a new “CMW Project” tab in the top panel. Your Comindware for Outlook add-in may log you in automatically using your domain credentials (if this capability is enabled by your network administrator) or you can configure the add-in manually. To do the latter, open the tab and click on the “Setup” button on the ribbon and then click on “Add connection” button.

Comindware for Outlook

The new window will open where you can select between two ways of logging into your CMW Project server:

1. Use Windows credentials

If you select this option, your Active Directory user name and password will be used to connect to CMW Project, so you won’t need to type them in manually. However, in order for this option to work, your system administrator should enable specialized settings on your company’s AD server beforehand. If you are unsure of whether this was done or if you are confident it wasn't, use the second option:

2. Enter user name and password

By choosing this option you need to enter the connection data manually by filling in three fields:

Server URL (The URL address of your CMW Project instance).
The URL should start with http:// or - https://, for example

Your CMW Project username
Your CMW Project password

Then click on the “Test” button to check if all the settings you entered are working. If it reports back as successful, click on “OK” to save the settings.

Test Comondware for Outlook

That’s it! You can now access your CMW Project tasks by opening the “Project” section in the navigation pane:

Project in Outlook